This is the boring bit – but it is important as we want you to understand not only the great benefits we provide, but also the things that you may not be covered for.

For example:

  • Any claim arising directly or indirectly from any medical conditions which existed before you took out this policy * will not be covered.
  • We won’t cover any claim resulting from you being drunk or intoxicated (we don’t expect you to be teetotal, but if you really go to town we can’t pick up that tab!).
  • If you travel to places where an official body like the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK, have advised against travel, then we won’t cover you for being there.

These are some of the main exclusions – they are all in the full policy wording – another very dull, but very important document. We would urge you to familiarise yourself with this document – particularly the bits about what to do if you need to make a claim as this can save you time, and money, if things go wrong.

You can download the policy wording from the links below – you don’t even need to buy a policy to download them! Also you can download our Privacy Policy which contains information like how we will use your data and who it will be shared with.

Complaints: Sometimes things don’t go as expected, and you may feel as if we haven’t done our best. We want to know how we can put things right. Full details of how to make a complaint are contained in the policy wording, but to save you the time, here are the details:

The Complaints Department

Global Response

Regus House,
Falcon Drive,
CF10 4RU
Or email:

For complaints relating to the sale of your policy please contact:

Linkham Services Ltd
52 Newtown
East Sussex
TN22 5DE
Or email:

* Please see the definition of pre-existing medical condition in the policy wording.